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Life can be easier.

Simplifying contract reviews.

Reviewing hundreds of contracts can be messy and complicated. Pactly helps you review your contracts more efficiently and consistently, allowing you to focus on work that truly matters for your team.

Pactly simplifying contract reviews

Here’s how we can help you

Pactly helps to reduce your workload

Reduce your workload

Our automated checks act like a second set of eyes that identifies issues, reducing the amount of work to be handled manually.

Pactly helps to close deals faster

Close deals faster

Leave the routine checks to us. Focus on key issues and close deals faster, all without compromising your review standards.

Pactly helps to track your negotiations

Track your negotiations

Keep track of frequently negotiated clauses and gain insights on how to reduce negotiation friction (Pactly Enterprise only).

Pactly helps to manage risk consistently

Manage risk consistently

Never forget to include critical clauses, even when you’re tight on time. Our systematic checks can make your reviews more consistent.

Our Recent Project

DBS, a leading financial services group headquartered in Singapore, sought a solution to support its legal and business teams in reviewing the large volume of procurement contracts it handles. The challenge for the legal team was to provide prompt support for the business unit to execute contracts while ensuring that the governance of legal, credit, business and operational risks across the entire contracting workflow was not compromised. 

Using Pactly, DBS addressed this challenge by (a) automating low-risk and routine tasks, (b) democratising contract drafting, and (c) establishing data as a core pillar for decision making. Read more about how our solution improves productivity, supports better risk governance, and helps to build a data-driven legal framework in this whitepaper jointly written with DBS.

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 What users are saying about Pactly

Pactly is core to Cake DeFi’s contracting processes by providing an accurate overview of the critical elements, which allows us to zero in and tweak only what is necessary. The efficiency differential is highly valued.

Ezra TAY

General Counsel & Head of Compliance at Cake DeFi

I used Pactly on our NDAs and found it useful as it helps to speed up review of a type of agreement that we do receive a fair bit of. I think any software that helps to optimise the in-house legal function should be encouraged.


Head of Legal and Company Secretary, YTL PowerSeraya Pte Limited

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