Pactly Enterprise

Our end-to-end enterprise solution simplifies the process of generating drafts, reviewing changes in your contract and provides you with deep insights into your template and negotiation performance.

Pactly workflow process

Generate contracts from your templates easily

Avoid the hassle of digging through your shared drive for the right template to use, and eliminate those costly errors that come from forgetting to fill up a field in your template when you’re in a rush. Generate first drafts of your template contracts easily by completing a simple questionnaire right from Microsoft Word.

Pactly generate contracts from your templates easily
Pactly automates routine checks

Automate routine checks and fallback positions 

We automatically identify changes that fall outside what your organisation would typically accept, and suggest alternative positions as a fallback.

The checks and fallbacks are all tailored to match the standards expected by your legal team.

Contract and template analytics

Explore your template analytics and understand the friction points in the negotiation process to determine if there are adjustments that can be made to improve the process or templates.

Pactly helps with contract and template analytics
Pactly provides sanity checks to avoid potential errors as early as possible

Never worry about common drafting mistakes again

Pactly helps you check for common drafting mistakes or embarrassing leftover internal comments early before you send the contract to the other party.

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