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Get help and find answers to common questions our customers have

questions and faq about pactly

General Usage

Find answers below to common questions asked about how to review a contract using Pactly.

1. What contract types do you support?

As of Jan 2021, we only support the review of non-disclosure agreements (a.k.a. confidentiality agreements) for Pactly NDA. Our enterprise solutions are customised and can be built to support all kinds of contracts to provide you with deep insights into your template and negotiation performance. If there is a particular contract type you want to see on our platform, drop us a line at

2. What file formats are supported?

We support .docx, .doc and PDF files (Microsoft Word documents created using Word version 2007 or later) on Pactly NDA’s web version. We are looking into building support for other document formats.

3. How do I review a contract?

  1. Always start by hitting that blue Create button on your dashboard.
  2. Fill out the relevant questions and hit Save.
  3. Once the document is loaded in the document editor, you should see the Review Pane on the right side of the screen.
  4. Address the issues and suggestions one at a time. Use the Show Clause button to find the text in the document itself and hit Dismiss once you have resolved the issue or if you are happy the way it is.
  5. You’re done cool

4. What do you check for in an NDA?

We have 26 checks active right now. Depending on whether you are disclosing and/or receiving confidential information, the checks relevant to you will differ. These include checks relating to:

  • the scope of the agreement;
  • the core obligations of the parties;
  • clauses which modify the risk allocation between parties or are restraints on your freedom to conduct business; and
  • various boilerplate provisions.

We are constantly improving our checks, with 12 other checks currently being prototyped. We will always transparently display the checks performed on your document under the “passed” section of the Review Pane.

5. Are your checks specific to any jurisdiction?

Whilst largely built from a Singapore law perspective, our current non-disclosure agreement (NDA) analyser is sufficiently general to be useful for the review of NDAs governed by laws other than Singapore.

6. Pactly raised an incorrect issue or suggestion!

We work really hard to make Pactly as accurate as possible but the nature of any predictive system is that it will sometimes get the prediction wrong.

If you have a result that’s incorrect, click on the Flag as Incorrect icon at the bottom right of the specific issue (shown below circled in blue). This provides valuable feedback to us which we can use to further improve our checks.

Users & Subscriptions Management

Find answers below to most commonly asked questions about our billing and subscriptions.

1. I have a coupon code. How do I use it?

  1. Select the Subscription tab from your profile.
  2. Click Manage My Subscription.
  3. Click on the arrow beside your current subscription (shown below).
  4. Select Edit Subscription.
  5. Select the relevant plan you wish to upgrade to and click Apply Coupon (shown below).









6. Enter the coupon code that you’ve received and click Update Subscription.

2. Can I invite team members to use Pactly?

Of course! You can do so under the User section of your profile. Provide us with the name and email of your team member and they receive an invite to join your workspace.

Do note that anyone you invite to your workspace will be able to see all the contracts displayed in your Dashboard.

3. Do you have an annual subscription plan?

Unfortunately, we currently only support monthly plans. If an annual plan is an absolute must, get in touch and we’ll hook you up.

4. How do I upgrade my plan?

  1. Select the Subscription tab from your profile.
  2. Click Manage My Subscription.
  3. Make sure you have your credit card information added to ChargeBee, other select Payment Methods and add your credit card you wish to use for payment.
  4.  Click on the arrow beside your current subscription (shown below).
  5. Select Edit Subscription.
  6. Select the relevant plan you wish to upgrade to and click Update Subscription.

5. Do you store my credit card information?

No, we never store any credit card information. All transactions commonly through our integration with Stripe/ChargeBee, both of which are PCI-DSS Level 1 Service Provider.

You can read more about ChargeBee’s security policies and procedures here.

Information Security

Find answers below to most common asked questions on information security on our platform.

1. Is my data safe?

We run Pactly on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and our servers are located in Singapore and Oregon, United States. The AWS cloud infrastructure has been built to be one of the most secure cloud computing environments available on the planet.

As well as the security features built into the AWS service, we employ:

  • 128-bit SSL encryption for all data transfer on the platform
  • Daily backups of all your data, in case anything goes wrong
  • Security protocols in all our work premise

2. How do you use the uploaded contract data?

For the self-service plans (a.k.a. Pactly Review), we process and clean all uploaded contracts before they are stored in our databases. We do this so that we can subsequently improve our core algorithms that you benefit from when using Pactly.

If you are concerned about the potential sensitivity of the identity of the contracting parties, you may wish to delete the names and identifying information of such parties before uploading your contract. We are also exploring methods to programmatically anonymize your data.

Frequently Asked Questions